Out of This World 

We introduced the theme with a poster board of Out of This World pictures{ planets, space and rocket ships and Astronauts. We name them daily by pointing them out on the board and name other things that the children come up with at group time.


Rocketship- The children glued on foam materials and foil to decorate their Rocketship, Moon- The children used foil print stampers with white paint and glitter to make moons, Earth- We sponge painted with green paint on blue circle paper to resemble Earth and tomorrow we will glue the letter S on black paper and add various size stars.


The children explored with Rocketship dot cards and dot stickers to follow the pattern as they placed the dot stickers on the dots, Moon and Star pattern- We practiced tracing lines from star to star using chalk to practice writing and grip, The children had an opportunity to orbit the moon with pans and marbles and tomorrow we will match planets/solar system matching cards as we end our week.

Motor Development

The children used glow foam balls to manipulate with hands and feel the texture and make balls by pulling a part and rolling with both hands, we used foam plates and star craft sticks to stick and make them stand on the foam plates to strengthen small motor skills, we used green and blue play-dough with small straw pieces to press onto play-dough and/or make then stand straight up. This activity work on manipulation and building small motor strength.


Moon Race

Make Moon Sand

Health & Wellness- What is Energy?

Review and name Solar System

Sensory Table

Foil balls, colored foam balls, glow in the dark moon and stars, scoops, foil pan and black beans

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