This week’s theme, Out of this World, has been enjoyable for the children as they learn about the planets, sun, moon, stars and so much more. Tuesday in art the children painted yellow and red with saran wrap and in mathy the children engaged in outer space bingo. Wednesday in art the children painted at the easel, in language the children tossed bean bags onto lettered plates and in math they added sun rays to the sun. Today in art the children painted with cups, and in language they worked with beginning letter sounds by identifying a letter on a star and looking at the picture on the star to practice the letter sound. Tomorrow in art the children will do some splatter painting and in language they will dictate what they would bring if they went to pace. The children will also practive writing words of outer space for the word wall. This week in the water table the children explored water with watering cans and containers to fill. 

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