This week’s theme was black history. We learned about different African-Americans and their contributions in history. We read various books featuring African-Americans to help us with our language development. We also wrote letters and put them in a mailbox (that was invented by Philip Downing), wrote on chalkboards with chalk, wrote on dry erase boards with dry erase markers, and colored on peanut cut outs with colored pencils. To work on cognitive development this week, we sorted letters by color, created water and oil discovery bottles, matched red, yellow, and green on traffic lights, and counted peanut cutouts. For motor development this week, we laced beads, manipulated rainbow caterpillar gears, played red light, green light (or attempted to I should say), and stacked sound and sort stackers. In art this week, we painted handprints on a “I Have a Dream” posterboard, glued various people on a bus, glued red, yellow, and green onto stoplights, and painted with shaving cream. This week we also played hot potato and sat on a “bus” as we sang Wheels on the Bus.

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