This week we learned about famous artists in history, their work and tools and materials that are used to create all sorts of art. Monday in language the children engaged in a pre-writing activity to connect dots, in no particular order. This experience engaged their small motor skills for pincer grip and eye hand coordination. In math the children looked for hidden shapes around the room and the children each took a turn hiding the shapes too. Tuesday in art the children painted with a provocation of dishes and fruit on the table. In language the children wrote letters at the easel and in math they sorted fruit counters on a graph by color. Wednesday in art the children painted at the easel and in language they matched letter flower petals to a flower pattern. Today in art the children painted with pastel colors and in math they used a 1 to 1 correspondence grid with colored letters. In language the children dictated what they would do/make, if they were a painter. Tomorrow in art the children will create a collage of food labels and in language they will practice writing their names. In math the children will engage in a color bingo game. This week in sensory play the children explored painting tools in water.

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