Aloha! Pre-K has had a great time this week learning about Luaus and Hawaiian traditions. We began the week by learning about what is a luau and its significance to the Hawaiian people. Pre-k quickly became interested in going to Hawaii after learning that it is made up of a group of islands with many beaches. We also began with art, making our own turtles out of paper bowls. This was a very popular activity, and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. Some of the turtles can be seen in our Luau window display. We have seashells in the science area that have sparked a lot of interest, and the magnifying glass helped us look at all the tiny details, sparking conversations about what erosion is. We continue to work on letter recognition and lowercase writing at the language table, as well as expanding our vocabulary with some Luau-related words. This week’s math focus was primarily on counting, with activities such as counting palm tree leaves, fish, and coconuts. As usual, the sensory table was very popular, with some graham cracker “sand” and sea animals to make us feel like we were at the beach.The highlight of the week, however, was undoubtedly Hula in the Coola, in which all grades came together to have a dance party, learn some hula dancing, and do some limbo. We will end the week with lots of excitement as we will have a volcano explosion made of vinegar and baking soda, blasting us off to a relaxing weekend. 

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