Lots of fun Luau themed activities and experiences in the classroom this week. Monday in art the children painted handprints on a poster and in language the children engaged in a Hawaii bingo game. For a social emotional experience, the children dictated some things about themselves and drew a picture. Tuesday the children colored the outlines of their feet and hands and in language the children did some more Hawaii bingo. In math the children traced numbers with small shapes. Wednesday in art the children glued fun summer items on paper to create a head band. In language the children explored matching lower-case letters to upper case letters. We had our big luau/party with the other classrooms in the great room where the children learned to hula and do the limbo! Today in art the children glued more summer fun items to paper and in math they counted dots on rain drops and looked for the corresponding numeral to go with it and in language the children practiced writing their names. Tomorrow in language the children will dictate what they would do if they went to Hawaii and in math they will count the rain drop dots again. In the sensory table this week the children explored water with various size cups.

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