It is dental health week and we have had a fun week of learning all about our teeth.  Our older children use their toothbrushes (with water) every day after lunch and this week has given us the opportunity to read books about teeth and correlate it to what we just read about, where they are also learning new vocabulary words too.  They have been going outside and enjoying the warmer air where they are practicing walking with our push toys and getting off and on the ride-on toys by themselves.  Art activities have included crayons on paper and finger painting while standing at the easel.  The teachers have been singing songs about our friends and are asking our toddlers if they can point to the friends that we are singing about in our song.  They have been tossing bean bags into baskets and rolling balls back and forth between other children.  Our smallest babies are transitioning to the room and watching bubbles that are floating above them, reaching for toys that are hanging from an arch, experiencing peek-a-boo, watching puppets talk to them and listening to shakers that are shook around them.  Ribbons were out to move with them as they danced to music and sensory activities included crinkling paper bags, feeling bubble wrap with their feet and hands, exploring textured rings, watching black and white patterns in books, and feeling cold and warm water in bottles.  Busy week filled with so many new experiences!  Next week will be all about love as we celebrate Valentine’s Day!  

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