What a fun week talking about Valentines! Monday in art the children painted hearts with Q-tips, and in math the children counted dots on half a heart and needed to find the corresponding numeral on the other heart half to make a full heart! In language the children matched lettered hearts. Tuesday was a busy, fun celebration day! The children passed put valentines, saw a, magic show and watched the magician, a fun spiderman balloon for the class. Wednesday in art the children glued hearts to paper and practiced some cutting. In language the children worked on finding letters on a heart and in  math they played a Valentine bingo game. Today in art the children painted with cotton balls, in math they graphed candy hearts and in language the children put their names together like a puzzle. Ms. Brenda also set up some fun great room activities,. the children made a love bug craft, and they made chocolate covered pretzels!! Tomorrow in art the children will paint with cookie cutters, in math they will sort candy hearts and in language they will engage in a letter bingo game. In the sensory table the children explored valentine garland with hearts jewels, and pink shiny ribbons!

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