This week in preschool we matched shapes, and learned about cleaning up after ourselves. We also practiced matching colors using jelly beans, counted with jelly beans and bounced beach balls on a parachute. We read “I Hear a Pickle”, “Brown Bear Brown Bear What do You See”, “Peek-a-Boo Penguins”, and “My Body”. We learned about our different senses by tasting pop rock candy and created monster bags.

The children also created their own Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head and we colored with Kool-aid. We also used Kool-aid to test our sense of smell to guess the flavors of the Kool-aid. We also tasted green apples, yellow apples, and red apples. The class favorite was a tie between the yellow apple and the red apple. We enjoyed making self portraits on Monday and drawing what we thought our eyes looked like on Wednesday. We also created a Class Helpers Chart to help build confidence in the room and to promote sharing and taking turns.

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