During the week, Preschool has been learning about pets. We have been reading about different pets. On Wednesday, for art, Preschool painted rocks as pet with different color paints and glitter. On Thursday, we added eyes to the pet rocks and gave them names.

We talked about how each one has either dogs, cats, or both. The children enjoyed talking about their pets and how they take care of their pets. One book that Preschool has enjoyed reading is “Pig the Pug.” “Pig the Pug” talks about a pug who is named Pig who doesn’t like to share with Trevor, the weiner dog. Pig is very selfish with his toys and the food until he falls out the window. No matter how many times Trevor ask Pig to share his toys, Pig says no and that the toys are all his. Even when Trevor is still nice to Pig and tries to warn him that he is going to fall out the window, Pig is still mean to Trevor and refuses to share with him. In the end, Pig has to share with Trevor as he gets better.

Preschool talked about how it wasn’t nice that Pig didn’t want to share with Trevor and how Trevor was still nice to Pig anyway. Preschool aslo discussed how sharing is caring. We also enjoyed reading “Bad Kitty.” “Bad Kitty” is about a kitty who does bad things from tearing up the owners homework, to hitting his grandmother, scratching the dad, and messing up the mom’s garden because she was out of food. Then when the mom came back with cat food for kitty, kitty did her owners homework, apologized to the father and grandmother, and fixed the mother’s garden.

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