We had a cute theme this week which is Pets.  We talked about different pets that people can have and what our favorite pet is.  Most of us said that dogs are our favorite.  I talked about the different breeds of dogs and cats which are the most common pets people have at home.  We learned that Chihuahuas are the smallest dogs while Great Danes are the biggest dogs.  We also learned that not all animals have the same coloring and that not all animals come from the same place such as breeders and animal shelters.   

We practiced writing names of pets, played a beginning sound game, reviewed letters, practiced writing letters, and we did a four-letter match and spell game.  I made a chart and asked the children what pets they have, how many, and we tallied it.  We have a total of 7 dogs, 2 cats, and one friend did not have any pets.  We said that the most pets is dogs and the least pets is no pets.  

We sorted animals by land, air, and water.  We practiced counting objects up to 26, we practiced counting the math way, we played a game where we had to figure out which household has more, less, or equal number of pets, and we compared pets using math counters.  We looked at animal x-rays and we had to figure out what animal it is.  We talked about the differences between what we see on the animal x-rays.  

We went on a field trip to Emerson Elementary School where we visited 3 Kindergarten classrooms.  The Kindergarten teachers talked about what they do on a daily basis and the kindergarten children have our PreK children a tour of their classroom.  When we came back to the center, we talked about what was the same and different between our classroom and the Kindergarten classrooms.  We also talked about how we feel when we visited the classrooms:  some children are excited, nervous, or scared which are all common feelings.  I let the children know that it’s okay to have those feelings because we all felt that when we started here at LCCC.

Next week’s theme is Easter.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.

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