It’s Easter week and Week of the Young Child, so our children have had a lot of fun with different activities as well as working with the pre-school classroom to build wonderful creations out of blocks.  They have had the chance to try on bunny glasses and bunny ears and then look at themselves in the mirror, some thought it was really funny!  They played with plastic eggs in and out of water all while enjoying the great outdoors.  They finger painted on a large mural that the whole center participated in painting and had a dance party in the Great Room with everyone!  Our older children have been working on throwing paper towels away by themselves (with help) after meals and practicing how to keep their toothbrush in their mouths and move it around.  Our youngest babies have been exhibiting their skills while on their bellies as well as reaching up to toys that are placed above them.  Nesting cups, stacking rings and measuring cups and spoons have been out for fine motor play and our older children have used crayons on paper for some of their art activities.  This week has been so much fun celebrating Week of the Young Child while next week will bring the creepy, crawlies out when our theme turns toward bugs and insects! 

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