It’s all about the creepy crawly creatures in preschool. Monday in art the children created ladybugs by cutting out black circles and gluing them to paper. In math the children matched numbered spots to the number on the ladybug and in language the children explored working with stencils and pencils. Tuesday in art the children painted with foam brushes and in language they matched letters to letters on a grid. Wednesday in art the children tore tissue paper and glued the pieces to a butterfly and in language they dictated what bugs bug them. In math the children matched the number of insects to the corresponding number on a bug jar. Today in art the children painted with forks and in language the children showed how to use positional words by listening to directions of where to place the butterfly, i.e. “place the butterfly in front of the flower. in math the children used a die to tell how many bugs to add to the bug jar. Tomorrow will be a busy day; Coach Charlotte will be doing activities outside and then in art the children will glue together a caterpillar. In language the children will look at books about bugs and insects to come up with words they want to practice writing for the word wall. This week in the sensory table the children have been working with dried black beans, scoops and bowls. The children have also been exploring goop, a great sensory exploration!

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