This week has been a fun week because we did a lot of stuff.  We started practicing for our Circus that will be coming up in May.  Coach Charlotte came to do physical activity and Beck Center for Music.  It was a busy but fun week!   

Our theme this week is Bugs/Insects.  We talked about bugs, where we can find them, and named some bugs that we can see outside.  Some of the children were able to say where we find the bugs/insects: on the ground, in the air, under a rock, etc.   We talked about looking for bugs and if we dig for bugs.  I explained to the children how the bugs help us, our environment, and why they are important.  

We practiced writing names of bugs, practiced writing our first and last names, practiced writing letters, Sight Word review, and reviewed and identified, g, q, a, b, d, and p.  I have been working on letter sounds because this is a precursor to reading.  Once they master letter sounds, they will be able to sound out words which helps them read words.  

We did simple addition and simple subtraction where the children learned how to use their fingers to add or subtract using their fingers.  We played a matching game where we counted the number of dots on the lady bug and looked for the number, we practiced writing numbers, did a number review, counted out the number of bugs using 1:1 correspondence after picked a card, and played a game where we had to figure out if the two numbers were greater than, less than, or equal.  

We talked about Brave Talk this week.   Brave talk is where the children learn how to talk to their peers in a kind way and not shouting at someone.   The children learned how to talk to someone that is not being kind to them, how to enter a play space by asking, and to tell someone that they want to be left alone.  I did role play and the children acted out some scenarios they may encounter.  This is a skill that children need to learn when going to a bigger classroom that has more than 9 children or meeting new people.  

PreK 2 is in charge of collecting donations for Safe Harbor Animal Rescue.  If you would like a flyer to see what items they are in need of, I can print off a flyer for you.  If you would like to make a monetary donation, please see me.  

Don’t forget that we are closing at 5pm on April 20 and we are closed on April 21.  

Next week’s theme is Recycling/Earth Day.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me!  

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