BUGS! INSECTS! CREEPY CRAWLERS! This week was all about the bugs and the insects. We began this week by discussing the difference between a bug and an insect…did you know all bugs are insects but not all insects are bugs. We discussed that an insect has three body parts, six legs, and antennae and those are the characteristics that allow us to know it is an insect. The children this week also worked on letter recognition….bug style of course as well as number recognition activities. The children also worked on their letter writing by writing the different bug/insect names as well. We also worked on sorting the different bugs/insects by color. One activity that the children enjoy is trying to get things out of ice so of course at the science table, bugs and insects were froze and the children worked on getting them out of the ice cubes. The children also worked on many different art activities such as creating their own bug/insect out of construction paper, painting with worms (cooked pasta noodles), bug swatter painting and making fingerprint bugs in a jar. We also began practicing for our Circus…that is all we are going to say….details soon to come! We have also been enjoying this weather!!! We have been going outside earlier because you never know with Ohio…haha 🙂  We will finish off this lovely week with both music class and Coach Charlotte! We hope that the children enjoyed learning about bugs and insects as much as we enjoyed teaching them. We hope that you all have a fabulous weekend and that you continue to enjoy this wonderful weather! 

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