We introduced the theme with a short video called “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, Named items we recycle at home and school. Do you recycle at home? What do you recycle?


Monday-The children glued on magazine paper shaped flowers/ Dragon, Ice cream cone & cars.

Tuesday- We stamped with plastic bottles and yellow/purple paint on white paper

Wednesday-Each child had a turn to put their handprint on blue poster board with green paint to represent the “Earth”.

Thursday-We will make our own watering cans by decorating with stickers and glitter pens


The children practiced naming colors by matching clothespins onto jumbo containers with same colors, We sorted “mail” using recycled  paper/envelopes counting each one as the children slid them in slots,  we matched objects to color recycle bins and, watched dancing rice experiment. 

Motor Development

The children manipulated Earth plastic bottles with corks to drop in the opening, fill and manipulate the corks out by shaking bottle upside down until corks come out, We used blue Goo slime to manipulate with plastic cutters and Thursday, we will continue to practice using tongs to pick up green/blue craft sticks by squeezing the tongs to pick up.

Sensory Table

Recycled shredded paper, cereal boxes and yogurt containers to fill and dump


Recycling Bins- children will take turns placing recyclable materials in the bins where they belong

Earth Ball Toss

‘Where Does Garbage go?” Discuss and learn song “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”

Recyclable structure in great room as a center

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