It was all about saving the Earth this week. We started off with painting a blue and green Earth and dictating how we will save the Earth. We also used recycled items to make our own musical instruments and other creations. The language table was all about reusing old bottle lids with letters on them to either identify or put the lids in alphabetical order. We also used small cardboard houses to fill up with rhyming words. At the math table, we played a path game to get the recycled items to the recycling center. Our science has been bird watching and seeing which birds are going in and out of our recycled bird feeders. The sensory table has been filled with green and blue shredded paper and small garbage/recycling cans with some recycled items. The boys and girls spent a lot of time filling and dumping the small bits of paper. We spent lots of time outside this week! We started off with a big change in the weather on Monday, it snowed/rained on us on Tuesday and by Wednesday, we were happy to have some warmer weather back! The biggest change in our schedule this week was that we started our circus practice! We were busy choosing roles, and learning our parts of the big day! 

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