This week’s theme is Transportation where the children learned about all sorts of vehicles that are land, air, and water.   We talked about the different vehicles and what makes them different.  They learned that not all have wheels and a steering wheel but some have animals such as horse and buggy.  The children practiced writing different transportation words and they sorted the vehicles by land, air, and water.   This week I had the children work in groups or 2 or three to encourage them to talk to each other by talking about the differences between the vehicles during small group time.  

They played Transportation Memory Game where they had to match the vehicles, they did vehicle patterning, comparing the vehicles by seeing which one is heavy and light, practice writing numbers, and they did some simple subtraction.  We practiced counting the math way.  I did number recognition review as well.  

I asked the children how they came to school and most said they go in cars because it’s too far for them to walk to school from their house.  They were shocked that not everyone drives because there are some people who prefer to walk, ride a bike, and ride a bus.  There’s different ways of getting somewhere.  

We made tracks using paint and Matchbox cars and it was mess but fun!  The children made their own vehicles by using transportation cards as reference.  They drew our their vehicles, colored, cut, and pasted.  We also made our own stop light to go with the vehicles that we made.  

We practiced for the circus this week but this this week, we practiced with props and the children are doing very well!  We will continue to practice until the day before the circus.  

Our butterflies finally hatched and we released them outside!  It was so exciting to see them go from caterpillars to butterflies!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me!

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