We introduced the them by naming various vehicles looking at the word wall with pictures and print. Talking at group time about how you get to school, who’s been on a boat or airplane? Many activities related to transportation.


Monday- Painted with cars by rolling across paper with paint

Tuesday- Made paper car by painting with Koosh rings and glued on wheels

Wednesday- Foam stamping with foam shapes

Thursday- Made Sailboat by painting white paper blue to resemble water, and added sailboat pieces

Friday-we will glue train shapes to make connecting train


The children practiced colors by matching various colored vehicle counters to the same color paper, we grouped same color small car counters into piles, number trucks with road on table to follow road in same direction and name numbers along the way, number boats for counting and finding number asked by teacher to practice number recognition  and tomorrow, the children will use number corks to count and fill containers.

Motor development

The children manipulated plastic coins into colored banks on top lid/opening, the children used zooming cars with markers attached to roll car on paper while making marks at the same time, we practice putting vehicle puzzles together by matching the puzzle piece to the picture on the puzzle board , waffle blocks to connect and make structures and Goo with cutting dough scissors to practice grip/open and close and hold handle.

Sensory Table

colored water, boats/planes 


Traffic Light bean bag toss

Ring Around the Rosie outside

Row Row row your boat paired up with peers

Health & Wellness

The soup is boiling physical activity

Growing Vegetable Soup

We will make vegetable soup next Monday instead of tomorrow

Watched the butterflies fly away outside

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