This week’s has been a very busy week for our PreK children.  We have been practicing hard for the circus with the clothes and props for the circus all week and their hard work paid off on Circus Day!  They were so cute and I hope you all enjoyed the show.  Thank you so much for attending the circus and making it a success!

Our theme this week is Mother’s which means that we talked about our mommies, grandmas, aunts, and other people who take care of us.  The children learned that not all families are the same because sometimes we have multiple people who take care of us.  We talked about how families are different and similar.  The children talked about what kind things they can do for their mommies for Mother’s Day such as make and bring them, clean their room, give them presents, and make them cookies.  I

We dictated what we love about our mommies and grandmas. We practiced writing letters, words, and made a rhyming word list ending in  -OT.  They were able to come up with words that I did not have on the list and I was happy that they were able to come up with words.  We reviewed letters (uppercase and lowercase).

We practiced counting the math way by trying to solve simple subtraction problems.  They were able to solve the problems with my guidance and it will take them some time to get used to using their hands to solve math problems.  We did number recognition and counted the number of “chocolate chips” on the “cookies”.  This is an activity where they had to count 1:1 correspondence.  We practiced writing numbers as well.  

The children worked hard on the Mother’s Day art projects!  I can’t tell you its a surprise and the children want their mommies and grandmas to be surprised!  I hope you like everything because they worked hard on them!!

Thank you for all the donations for Safe Harbor Animal Rescue!  We are so excited to present the items to them and I will let you know when we will go so that you can sign the forms.  It was a huge success!  

This week is also Teacher Appreciation Week and I wanted to thank you all for gifts, flowers, etc.  It’s greatly appreciated and I felt so special this week!  Thank you sooooooo much!!!!  I loved everything that I received!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.

Our theme next week is Gardening.

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