It has been a week full of blooming colors and new growth.  The babies had a chance to play with cloth vegetables that encompassed every color of the rainbow as well as try their hand at “gardening” with our plush garden sets, full of child-sized rakes, shovels, seeds and watering cans.  They listened to Old MacDonald with the animal puppets and books about flowers and summertime.  We saw some really pretty birds outside our window and practiced the sounds that they make (tweet tweet seemed to be really fun to try and say!).  The older children “planted” flowers in our shoebox garden and watched bubbles float away with the breeze while outside.  Fine motor activities had them dropping clothespins into juice bottles and stacking rings onto a post.  Gross motor fun saw them stacking large Legos on top of one another and watching the teachers make block towers as high as them!  As always, we have all been practicing our walking, standing, crawling and rolling which is so exciting for them!  A week full of colors and fun and we are looking forward to moving onto camping next week!

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