We introduced the theme with pictures of children/adults gardening together, we named things you grow in a garden and  listened to gardening songs.


Monday- Painted with a fork by stamping on white paper and pink/yellow paint to make flowers

Tuesday- We painted with twigs and orange paint to make marks all over paper

Wednesday- The children painted 2 rocks to make garden rocks to take home

Thursday- The children painted with Loofah’s and red paint on paper plates- finger stamped with black paint to make Lady Bugs

Friday- We will paint with potato mashers on white paper and yellow paint to make Sunflowers


The children practiced number recognition with number flowers and egg cartons by naming the number on the flower, tape shapes on table to match shape sorters by placing them on the same shape, fruit counters with colored baskets to match same color fruit to basket, and Friday we will make a long caterpillar by lining up colored circle shapes.

Motor Development

The children practiced stringing with cheerios and pipe cleaners for a sturdy grip, we used card board to poke sticks in to resemble a “Fairy House”, the children made bubbles by using small whisks, bowls, water and soap to practice whisking fast, slow and grip, and Friday we will practice line tracing and name tracing for the older children.

Sensory Table

Rice, worms, flowers, flower pots and measuring scoops

Health & Wellness

What is needed to grow a Garden

Hopscotch w/ veggie counters

Review plant parts on poster board

We started practicing Father’s Day song

Ring Around the Garden using Veggie names

Cut open veggies and explore

Review Garden tool names 

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