Our theme this week is Camping which is perfect since Summer is almost here!  We talked about different things that we would need to go camping such a tent, camper, portable grill, flashlight, cooler, water bottles, and the list goes on.  I asked the children if they went camping and some said they did and some said they have never been camping so I showed them a short video on camping.  The children were given some blankets to make their own tent in the safe space!  Some did not want to make a tent which is okay.  Also, I went over the rules for outside as a refresher since it is getting warmer outside and that summer camp is rapidly approaching.  

After coming up with a list of stuff needed for camping, we made this into our word list and the children practiced writing the words from the list that we came up with.  We dictated what things that we can see at school that we can also see while camping.  We made rules on how we can be safe while camping.  The biggest ones are: Do not go near a fire without an adult and do not go into the woods without an adult.  We made more but we felt that these two rules are the most important ones.  We also made a rhyming word list ending in -et. 

We did some simple addition, reviewing numbers, shape recognition, practicing writing numbers, creating shapes using popsicle sticks, S’More math (they had to count the dots on the graham crackers, count the tally marks on the chocolate, and match them to the numbers on the marshmallows), and they made nest, fish, and tree using the PowerClix.

We do not have school on Monday, May 29 because it is Memorial Day.  I hope you enjoy your 3 day weekend!  Next week will be a short week as well since there’s no PreK 9-3 class on Friday and it’s also the last week for PreK 9-3!

Next week’s theme: Superhero

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