Let’s all gather round the campfire! This week was all about camping! All this week, the children and I discussed the rules of camping and what we should/should not bring with us camping. At science, the children did just what we discussed, they sorted objects that should go camping and objects that should not go camping. The discussions were great and some rules that we came up with were: staying near our parents and not making a fire by ourselves. Some of the things that we should bring camping include: sleeping bags, tents, food, clothes, and flashlights. Some things that we should not bring include: perfume (that can attract bears and bugs!), our kitchen stove and electronics! Besides that, the children worked on rhyming words, writing camping words, and letter identification activities at language. At the math table, the children worked on number recognition activities such as clip cards and finding a number and putting that many number bears in the tent. The children became little artists and created their own camp fires, painted with marshmallows, painted animal tracks and did some leaf rubbings. In our drama area this week, the friends went camping, played in our tent, built the fire and made marshmallows and looked through their binoculars. Nap time has been a fun and good way for the children to work on their fine motor skills getting in and out of their sleeping bags! In our sensory bin this week, we had different pieces of nature such as sticks, leaves and rocks. This week has been a fun filled week learning about camping and it was fun to learn about the children who do go camping. We hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend! Stay safe and enjoy time with family! 

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