Such a fun week of all things camping. Monday in art the children foil painted with yellow and orange paint to create a campfire. In math the children matched numbered tents and in language the children matched rhyming picture words. Tuesday in art the children glued tissue squares to a lantern and in math they engaged in a camping bingo activity. Wednesday in art the children painted with marshmallows and in language they practiced writing camping words. In math the children played a mouse color matching game. Today in art the children glued brown and black squares, and small white squares to a paper plate, they built s’mores! The children played the color match game again in math. Tomorrow in art the children will paint with sponges and in language they will dictate what they will take on the camping trip. In math the children will engage in a camping concentration activity. This week in the sensory table the children explored cardboard squares, rubber black squares and cotton balls. We see a lot of creativity with these materials.

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