Monday- The children made Star fish by gluing on cheerios to orange star shape

Tuesday- Rainbow fish- We use paint markers with various bright color to make a rainbow fish on white paper

Wednesday- whale- The children painted with koosh rings, blue paint on gray paper

Thursday- Seahorse- The children stamped with bubble wrap , yellow paint on brown seahorse

Friday- Crab- The children will paint bowl red and glue on claws and eyes


The children counted with ocean animal counters, tongs and colored bowls as they placed each counter in bowl one by one, the children explored with number fish by connecting with rod, picking it up and looking at number on fish and name it if they knew number, we used magnet shoe horse with magnet rings to connect and pick up as many as the children could, number octopus boards with blue markers to color in number, count, and practice early writing, Friday the children will continue to practice counting with goldfish counters and nets by placing in one at a time.

Motor Development

The children continue to practice using and figuring out how tongs work by squeezing with fingers with one hand or two hands to pick up objects, the children explored with under the sea puzzles by matching picture and puzzle piece, we use clear jugs with octopus picture and colored crafts sticks to drop in opening and dump out when filled up, the children worked and strengthen their fingers by peeling stickers with fingers and sticking on blue big paper whale on table top, Friday the children will manipulate blue play doh and press small sea animal counters to make impressions.

Sensory Table

Colored water and sea animals


Sea animal movement cube

What is your favorite sea animal graph

Health & Wellness

Watermelon sink or float? Friday

The importance of drinking water

Make sea animal snack with cookie cutter

Children will toss first letter of their name in shark mouth by taking turns and repeat letter after teacher or if they know the letter.

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