This week we read many stories about dad’s, and animal dad’s too! Monday in art the children painted with stamps and in math they matched numbers to a number lin..Coach Charlotte came and the children worked on getting their heart rate up with cardiovascular exercise! Tuesday in art the children did a special art for dad and in language they picked a letter out of a bowl, identified it and practiced writing it on paper. In math the children engaged in a tie concentration game. Wednesday in art the children painted with scrubber brushes and in language they dictated some things about dad. In math the children worked with ladybug counters and 1 to 1 correspondence grids. Today in art the children explored cutting, a good fine motor experience. In language the children engaged in a who, what, when, where and why question game. In math the children sorted baseballs by size: large, medium and small. Tomorrow in art the children will watercolor paint and in math they will count how many blue items they see in the room. In language the children will dictate why dad is special and Coach Charlotte will be back! In the sensory table this week the children explored water with funnels, scoops, and bottles. 

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