It was all about  construction this week and we are so into this theme inside and outside of the Center! We are doing our best while remodeling and doing the construction in our room. We are good about finding ways to keep ourselves busy in the limited space. While on field trips, we have also seen lots of construction as well. While we were at Wolf picnic area, we saw some construction going on right next to us! We had many guesses as to what may be going there! Some ideas are: another picnic area, a playground, a school and even another nature center! We will keep on guessing until we see what appears there someday! For some art this week, we rolled small construction trucks in paint and also used yellow and black scrap paper to make a construction site vehicle or scene. Our math has been playing a path game to get to the construction site and sorting rocks and other nature from biggest to smallest and back again. Our sensory table is full of water beads, rocks and construction vehicles too! Our science table is all about magnets! We also got new magnetic bracelets and we can walk the room and see what “sticks” to us! We had a great water play day and had the perfect weather! We will wrap up our week with making some construction vests from brown paper bags and tape. 

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