We started off the week with Coach Charlotte where she taught the children bowling and physical exercise then we went to Rocky River Nature Center where they got to see and feel some reptiles and amphibians such as frog and snake.  They got to see real bullfrog skeleton, shredded snake skin, and real turtle shells.  We went for a walk to look for fish, dragonflies, frogs, etc.  The Beck Center was a fun field trip because the children were shown around and they did different activities such as music, dancing, pottery, and they got to see how the plays are run such as going backstage.  The children were so excited!  We finished the week of by going to the Botanical Gardens and they got to see and smell flowers, seeing butterflies, and having lunch at Wade Oval.  We were able to run around the big field to burn off some of our energy.  

We talked about Construction because it was our theme of the week.  They got to build and paint bird houses, fusebeads, they made foam airplanes, and cars.  Some of the children were building with magnetiles, Powerclix, and Suspend.  We talked about what sorts of things we can build and some of the children noticed that we are getting cabinets.  They said that its part of construction because they workers are taking down the cabinets and putting up new ones.  They are correct because its also called remodeling which is a part of construction.  We mixed paint colors to come up with new colors and the children also mixed all of the colors that I had at once to see what color they got.  Some of the children got light brown, light pink, and yellowish-brown.  They seemed to enjoy doing the mixing colors science experiment and they asked me if they could do it again. I told them that we can.  

We talked about rules of the classroom, playground, and while at field trip sites.  The reason we did this is because we felt the children needed a reminder.  I try to touch base on the rules a few times a week so that the children remember how to be safe, be kind, and be neat.  We went over the rules for next week and I will remind them the day before the field trip so the children know what to expect.  

We had a fun and informative week and I think that the children had so much fun learning new things.  I know the teachers did!  

Next week:  Sports (theme)

Monday:  Coach Charlotte

                 Westlake Rec Center Park

Wednesday:  Lake Erie Nature and Science Center

                      Lunch at Wolf Road Park

Please have your child at the center by 8:30 am

Friday:  Coach Charlotte

            Cleveland History Center

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.

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