We introduced the them by naming Construction trucks, naming trucks in books, naming trucks we see outside down the street[construction site} & talking about what each truck does.

Classroom Outside

Tuesday swimming


Geometric Lego blue prints, the children stamped with small and large Legos on blue paper with white paint,, ruck painting on orange paper with brown paint to roll and make tracks, The children glues on various colored craft sticks to make/build their own building and Friday, we will make a collage out of various colored trucks.


We practiced naming and matching colors with colored paper tool boxes, placing same colors together, the children explored with wooden number blocks by stacking on top of each other and naming the numbers the children knew, and introducing numbers the children didn’t know and  Number construction trucks and roads on table .

Motor Development

The children continue to practice using their small and large skills with various activities already known and new activities to help challenge their skills. Scissors and paper, Foam shape number puzzles, Move and learn pattern with small trucks, construction tool foam lacing cards and Health & Wellness “Play Ball”

Sensory Table

small construction trucks, colored rocks and small water color beads


Mentos Science experiment on Friday

Review Construction signs

Practice weaving in and out of construction cones

Practice line tracing- older children

Stop light cups- layer pineapples, green grapes and strawberries

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