It’s Christmas in July and though it is hot outside, we have had a lot of fun celebrating this normally winter holiday!  They attached cotton balls to a contact paper Santa and let cars go down our large cardboard tube.  They love going to chase them after they come out the other side!  The Gingerbread Man story on our hand puppet was fun as they were able to practice taking the pieces on and off on their own.  Some of our older children are “talking” on our toy phones and think it is so funny when we ask them who they are talking to, they seem genuinely happy that we are asking them.  They had the opportunity to chalk on chalkboards and to build with large Legos.  Our smallest babies watched bubbles pop all over the room and had several fun games of peek-a-boo.  We danced with ribbons and waved scarves to fun Christmas music and our oldest children spent a lot of time outside.  Many are learning to walk, roll and crawl so that is happening as well.  What a fun week!  Next week, it will be another fun-filled week of learning and doing!  

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