Our theme this week was Christmas in July. the children were so excited as we explored this week. in language development, we read various Christmas books, interacted with our vocab board filled with Christmas pictures and words, wrote letters to Santa, colored on Christmas trees and wrote on boogie boards. In cognitive development, we made fake snow, played with math tiles, played with puzzles, matched different colored ornaments, and counted reindeer. For physical development, we manipulated nuts and bolts, stuck Christmas decorations on a pineapple, played with bristle blocks, and pinned the nose on Rudolph. In art this week, we painted with pinecones, marble painted, and painted with sand and paint. We alos went swimming this week and sang lots of Christmas songs. Tomorrow we will write Christmas cards to work on language development, sort gifts to work on cognitive development, decorate Christmas trees to work on physical development, decorate a Christmas tree with paint and buttons. 

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