Christmas is always a fun time, especially in the summer! Monday in art the children loofah painted trees and in language the children matched letters to letters on a tree. In math the children engaged in a Christmas tree bingo game. Tuesday the children decorated cookies! They chose red or green icing, red or green sprinkles and added chocolate chips! In language the children dictated what they saw out their window on Christmas Eve. In math the children played the mouse color match game. Wednesday in art the children painted with water bottles and in language they continued the dictations from Tuesday. In math the children were given squares and triangles and created a picture with them. Today was swimming day! The children also did some scissor cutting practice and engaged in an ornament concentration activity in math. Tomorrow in art the children will paint an ornament with Q-tips and in math they will play Candyland! In language the children will match lettered ornaments to a tree. In the sensory table this week the children explored red and green crinkled paper with bells. 

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