This week was a fun week for the children because our theme is Legos which is a favorite toy for the children.  They played with the regular legos, light table legos, and the Srar Wars legos.  We challenged them by seeing if they can take all 3 and put them together.  Some of the children noticed that it would not fit because they are not the same size or same color and other children said it was fun to mix the leogs because it’s not something that they get to do often.  We also painted with the leogs.  I think the children had fun because it was messy!  We also talked about legos that we play with at home and the children were able to tell us what legos that they have at home and what is their favorite.

We talked about Magnets and Force and Motion and the children played with magnet shapes, magnetiles, dominos, and the suspend game.  We asked the children questions about how they are the same/different, if they were magnets, force and motion toys, and then we asked them to describe the toys.  They said that the toys can be taken apart and put together but some toys need gravity to stand up or they need something to knock it over.  It was interesting to hear the different answers they came up with.  

They went bowling and they had so much fun because they were able to cheer their peers on and the lights were low because they had the moving lights as the children called it.  They did well bowling and I think I will add it again next year.   We went to Bradley Woods where they went for a walk, played with field toys, and played on the swing set,  but our field trip to Bain Park was cancelled due to the rain that we had.  It didn’t stop the children from having fun though!  Ms. Joanne from Weaving Supply came and did an art project with the children and they seemed to love it!  She will be coming back on Tuesday to do another project with the children.  We have one more week left of Summer School Age Camp!   

Next week:  Friends (theme)

Monday:  USS Cod

Wednesday:  South Mastick Park

Thursday:  Lakewood Park with PreK and its the last day!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me!

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