It was all about Legos this week and we loved all our builds! We got super creative and used lots of our favorite colors and shapes to build with and show our true creativity! We used yellow paper plates to make Lego faces on Monday and Wednesday we used Legos to paint with! Our math has been patterning and copying Lego images with the Legos we have in the room. Our science table has two different mazes made out of Legos. The goal is to hold the Lego “tray” and make the marble go through the Lego maze. Our language has been fun! We used Legos to fill in paper letter formations and also had letters written on Legos to be put in alphabetical order. We also got to play a game of Lego BINGO! Our field trips included a trip to Bradley Nature Center and a day at Linden Park! We always enjoy our park days! Since our time is winding down, we will be saying some more “good-byes” to peers this week and then next week will be our last week together for most of us. 

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