This week in preschool, we learned about the many things that we can do with LEGOs. We compared how many LEGOS it would take to make one side of the scale go down more than the other side. We also practiced writing the different colors of LEGOs. We went swimming on Thursday and for a walk around the neighborhood on Friday. We had a visit from the Cleveland Metroparks Eco-Explorers and learned what a plant needs to grow. We learned that a plant needs a seed, dirt, water, and sunlight to grow. For a plant to grow, first a seed needs to be planted in the dirt, then it needs water to feed the seed for the roots to come out. Lastly it needs sunlight to sprout into a plant; tree; flower; and food. We also learned that some foods like asparagus are roots grown from seeds but it is edible. We had fun splashing around and swimming in the pools on the patio. We also created tie-dye t-shirts during the week.

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