This week we focused on positive behaviors we have with friends and how friends help each other, listen to each other, use kind words with each other and safe hands with each other.  Monday in art the children painted with sponges and in language they practiced writing their names. In math the children engaged in a friendship bingo game. Tuesday in art the children watercolor painted and in language they strung letters which was also a good fine motor experience. In math the children added fruit counters to a bowl and used a die to determine how many fruits to add each turn. Wednesday in art the children painted with apples and in language they dictated why friends are special. In math the children added beads to friendship bracelets. Today was a very busy day! The children went swimming and then had their picnic in the great room with the older toddlers! In the sensory table this week the children explored oatmeal and in the block area they worked with trains and train tracks.

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