This week’s theme was back to school! In language development this week, we read various books about school and day care. we also wrote on boogie boards, notebook paper, chalkboards, and magnetic boards. In cognitive development this week, we matched school supplies, sorted shapes, did a color explosion experiment, and matched different colored pencils. In motor development this week, we filled bags with items, screwed nuts on bolts, manipulated caterpillar gears, and built with pencils and play-doh. In art this week, decorated “lunchboxes, painted with apple halves, and paper Mache’d and painted apples. In social and emotional development this week, we played where’s the toddler where the toddlers had to identify themselves in pictures, and we also did emotion cards. In health and safety this week, we played head, shoulders, knees, and toes, and practiced washing. In social studies this week, we tried to practice different transitions by identifying different traits (who’s wearing a blue shirt, pink shoes, etc.) We also explored our sensory bin that was filled with shapes, beans, scoops, and containers. We also added school buses to our block area this week and the toddlers couldn’t get enough of them! Tomorrow we will continue the fun by reading Curious George Goes to the Library and playing with alphabet blocks for language development, matching socks for cognitive development, manipulating dressing boards for motor development, painting with school buses in art, and doing an obstacle course for health and safety. 

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