Well it has been a week of All About Me and what fun they have had!  They stacked rings on a post and we counted them and labeled their color for them, they shook shakers and tried their hand at using a crayon on paper.  Puppets of all kinds were out for them to watch and then explore on their own. A wonderful fine motor and cognitive activity had the older children trying to fit pipe cleaners into holes of a colander, which they thought was amazing.  We moved a parachute up and over them, which the younger babies thought was so fun, it truly was a calming moment for them.  Several are pulling themselves up for the first time and learning to play in a different position, how exciting is that!  Fitting the theme, we have been singing songs and doing fingerplays about body parts, helping them learn to identify them on their own.  Sensory bottles to shake and clapping toys together had friends sitting next to one another and copying every move the other made.  They have been discovering that there are little people just like them that share the same interests and it has brought a lot of enjoyment to their day.  Next week will be about rainforests and jungles so the animals in our stories should be a ton of fun!

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