Welcome to PreK 2!  I am very excited for the upcoming year and getting to know your children!  This week’s theme is Back to School.  We did transitions on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday was the first day in PreK 2.  We went over the rules of the classroom, playground, and how to keep our bodies calm while walking through the hallway.  My classroom is similar to PreK but I do not have a bathroom and my classroom is smaller. The children seemed to be okay with that when asked how they feel about being in a smaller classroom.   

They practiced writing their names in the sign in binder, on the crayon which they colored, and on the back of art projects they did this week.  You can see it as you are walking past the window of my classroom.  They did painting projects while listening to classical music.  We did matching games for numbers 0-20 and matching uppercase letters to lowercase letters.  We did some activities such as My Name is where they had to find their name on the chart, count the letters, and color in the spaces.  They did a sorting game where they had to figure out if the objects are letters or numbers, and they dictated what they wanted to learn in PreK 2.  They also did a sorting bear game where they sorted the bears by color and had to figure out how many bears there are in each color.  They also charted how they got to school.

We did a lot of things this week and the children did a good job!  We also did some science experiments where  they got to see the waterbeads expand in water, had to figure out what items sank/floated in water, explored different textures, and explored with magnets.  It was a fun first week in PreK 2!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me!

Next week’s theme is All About Me.

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