All about Me 

We introduced the them by reading a book called “I Love my Hair” and looking into a mirror and naming hair color and eye color. The children took turns passing the mirror to each other.


Monday- ” I’m special” mirror by gluing on foil to center of paper mirror and gluing on gems

Tuesday-Face paper plate- Color plate with crayons, glue eyes. hair and nose

Wednesday- Handprint Flowers- stamped with hands on white paper with brown/black paint

Thursday-Family collage by stamping with “people’ cookie cutters

Friday- Make photo frame- paint and decorate

Thursday- trip to DQ

Sensory Table

Colored sand, bracelets and shovels


Matched with colored chip clips to same color on containers, All about me counters with cups to practice matching colors, horse shoe magnets with rings[ what connects?] and color sticking matching on wall. All activities work on color recognition through matching.

Motor Development

Mr. Potato head, connecting rainbow people, peeling colored tape off tables/chalk boards, lacing straws with pipe cleaners[badminton} using paper plate paddles to hit balloons. All activities allow children to work on their motor development  to strengthen, balance and work on coordination with the various activities provided.


What color hair/eyes do have? looking in hand held mirror

How Tall am I?

Follow your friend[do what they do] music/movement

Shopping cart

Traffic light

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