Our first week of PreK 2 was successful!  The children are still learning the routine but they seem to catch on pretty quick.  This week’s theme is All About Me where we learned different things about our friends such as our families, if we have any pets, and the children got to ask each other questions.  We talked about what we liked to do, our favorite colors, favorite foods, etc.

We did a letter matching game where they had to match uppercase letters to lowercase, we practiced writing letters, our names, and matched letters to our names using magnetic letters.   I had the children practice writing  words such as me, my, family, dog, etc.  They played All About Me word matching game where they had to match the words.

The children practiced writing numbers by tracing using a dry erase maker, they were able to name and identify numbers as I showed using number cards, they sorted the bears by sizes and by colors, and they named and identified shapes that they know.   

The children explored magnets and tiles.  Some of the children told me that some of the tiles were rough, smooth, heavy, light, and they were able to tell me what they see on the different tiles.  They explored magnets by building, making shapes, and creating new shapes.  Some of the children learned something new with the magnets and one of them asked me, “Did you know that if you put a magnet on the chair, it sticks?”  I asked the child why did the magnet stick to the chair and the child said that the chair was magnetic.  That is correct and the children asked for magnets so they can stick it to the chairs they were sitting in.

Even though, I have a lesson plan but sometimes I have to change it due to teachable moments.  Magnets was one of those moments and another is having a talk to the children about using kind words and kind hands.  We talked this week about how to talk nicely to our friends and to keep our hands to ourselves because our friends may not like it when we do not use nice talk and/or nice hands.  I have the children scenarios on how we deal with that.  This is something that the children may need constant reminders throughout the year.  Ms. Judy came in to our classroom and talked to the children about taking care of our classroom books so that we can read them over and over.  She asked the children what to do and not to do with our books and they were able to tell her.  The children signed a contract with rules on how to take care of our books.  I placed it underneath our parent board if you want to take a look.  

We had a great first week of school and we still have lots of learning to do!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.   

Next week’s theme: Rain Forest

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