This week in Preschool, we learned about each preschooler. We learned what they like to eat, what they like to do with their parents, sibling names and their favorite Disney characters. We painted with pine cones and leaves. We made painted footprints and hand prints. We even practiced doing our names with paper strips. We talked about the different leaves outside, our favorite movies, holiday, and colors. For math, we measured to see how tall we were and read different books about what we can do for ourselves, and went over the rules for each space in Preschool. We played Color Bingo, talked about using safe hands and how we can express our emotions when we’re happy, sad or not feeling good. We talked about things that we can do for ourselves, pet names, what school and class we are in, and favorite ice cream. We even traced our names in shaving cream and how many people are in our families.

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