We introduced this weeks them by naming and pointing to Jungle animals on the word wall board. We also listened to Rainforest sounds and guessed what we heard.

Tuesday-Parrot- Koosh painted red and glued on eye and feathers

Wednesday-Monkey- Painted paper plate brown and glued on eyes , nose and ears

Thursday- Snake- Glues on colorful paper squares on black paper shape


The children practiced peeling dot stickers off and placing them on the Giraffe’s  spots while counting, we practiced counting the spots on the wooden lady bugs and matching the same number of spots, we used small colored wooden blocks to make patterns and snake shapes and Friday we will practiced matching Jungle colored sorters.

Motor Development

The children placed feathers onto contact paper to make stick, we practiced using scissors by grip and putting fingers in handles first to practice open/close, The children matched colored crabs/frogs to same color containers to practice naming colors and Friday, we will use bug catchers, insects and scoops, to scoop up using and close motions.

Sensory Table

Sand w/ Jungle Animals


What’s you’re favorite Jungle animal?

Walking in the Jungle song/movements

Foodster board

Eating  a Rainbow -Friday snack 

Parachute Play- outside

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