This week the children explored activities with a rainforest theme. Tuesday in art the children painted paper plates that were then cut to create a snake. In language the children wrote each letter of their name on a leaf to create the rainforest tree top and in math the children engaged in a rainforest bingo game. Wednesday in language the children did some more writing practice as they wrote letters in trays of sand and in math the children engaged in a butterfly pattern matching game. In art the children explored painting with bubble wrap for a snakeskin process art experience. Today in art the children glued together a sloth and in language the children dictated what they saw when they went walking in the rainforest. In math the children engaged in a rainforest animal concentration activity. Tomorrow the children will create a paper plate parrot in art and in math they will engage in a rainforest number identification activyt to pick a number card and then find the matching number on a rainforest picture. In the sensory table this week the children worked with green rice, colored gems, rainforest animal counters, tongs and cups. 

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