This week was all about the jungle and rainforest and this class got so into the theme! Have you seen our scary rainforest with snakes? Come on in and take a look! We also have listened to lots of animal sounds and even watched a few live feeds of the jungles in Africa (o.k. we also watched one of an otter in a California zoo, but it was so cute!). We walked like monkeys and elephants and danced to some of the music from Madagascar. We played a game where we only saw part of the animal and had to guess what the rest of the animal was. Some of our art projects were making paper snakes, binoculars (we were the rangers that day!) and paper plate lion masks. We worked as a team to create our jungle leaves and branches around the room. Our math had us patterning, and sorting. We put beads on an elephants trunk and counted how many we could do without the truck falling over. Our science was so fun! We used nature blocks, laminated paper leaves and made huts and houses for the jungle animals. We learned about balance and sizes along with working in cooperation with a peer. The sensory bin was filled with green leaves, blue gems and lots and lots of jungle animals. We pretended we were in the rainforest with these hot days we have been having. We imagined we were on a jungle safari and we were on the lookout for animals in all the levels of the rainforest. We saw very small animals on the floor level and had to look up high to see the other animals. We did a lot of talking about the sloth as it seemed he was one of the favorite animals to look for! Did you know their claws are 4 inches long? We look forward to reviewing this week as we learned a lot and shared so many stories. 

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