We had a short but fun week as our theme is Rain Forest/ Jungle.  We talked about the different animals that we see at the zoo and I mentioned to the children that some of the animals come from the Rain Forest and jungle.  When the children asked me why they aren’t in their homes, I explained that the animals we see at the zoo, they are trying to save the animals from becoming extinct.  I explained what extinct meant and what happens if an animal becomes extinct and one child said, “Oh, like the dinosaurs!”  I talked about the different layers and where the animals are usually located in the raIn forest starting from the bottom: forest floor, understory, canopy, and emergent layer.

We practiced writing rainforest/ jungle words using cards with pictures,  made an Aa word list, played a rain forest letter matching game where they had to match uppercase letters to lowercase letters, and we practiced writing numbers.  I started doing the letter of the week where the children will try to make the sound the letter makes and come up with words that make that letter sound.  If they struggle, I have books that I will read to help them hear the words and they will tell me which ones make that letter sound.  I also started sight words:  I and see.  I will use the words in a sentence to help them understand what they mean how to use them in  sentence.  Sight words are the precursor to reading books and I hope to get them to recognize as many sight words as they can before heading off to Kindergarten in the Fall.

We sorted the rain forest animals by size: small, medium, and large, we counted and wrote the number of rainforest animals that we see, we measured animals using unifex cubes, and we did a rain forest animal pattering using PowerClix.  I do numbers of the week to help the children build their number recognition.  My goal is to get the children to name and recognize numbers going to to 30 and beyond.  They will use the calendar, 100 Days of School chart, and the numbers on the board to help build those skills.  I also have the names of the numbers to help them with word recognition.  Our number of the week is 0 zero.  They will learn how to use tally marks, dominoes, dice, and count using their fingers.  

We made a red eye tree frog, we drew a picture of an animal using the books about the rainforest as a reference, and we made a toucan.  They listened to rain forest and jungle sounds and they looked at pictures of different animals.  I had some animals related to our theme out so that they can explore what the animals are same/ different than the animals that we see daily.  This week is a fun week!

Next week’s theme: Colors/Shapes.  Be on the lookout for an email regarding color week!  it should be so much fun!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.  

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