This week in the infant classroom the theme is colors and shapes! The entire group has enjoyed the week but here are a few of our favorite activities! The older infants enjoyed exploring shape sorters together. We talked about the colors we saw in the blocks as we pulled them out and tried let go of them in the sorters. The younger infants loved watching the older infants explore the sorters as they practiced holding onto the blocks and knocking them together. We also explored making shapes with masking tape on the classroom floor and trying to let go of balls inside the shapes! We also loved wearing group colors and singing for the friends who came to school today and by the color that they’re wearing, and waving! Teachers also practiced putting colorful farm animals into groups of color and talking about it with the infants as they watched and explored. It has been a wonderful week in the infant classroom, but we look forward to a new theme on Monday! Until next time!

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