We introduced the theme all week by naming shapes[circle, square, triangle, rectangle, diamond and Oval] New shapes we learned and added [Pentagon, Trapezoid and Hexagon} At group time I have the children  find a color or shape i name, by pointing to it, picking it up and naming the color or shape.


Monday- Cup stamping on blue paper to make circles

Tuesday- Glued colored paper squares to red paper square

Wednesday- Stamped with triangle shape with green paint on green triangle shape

Thursday-Stamped with rectangle shapes on paper with yellow paint

Friday-Painted with Q-tips on black paper with white paint


The children explored with color shape blocks to build, match same colors and make patterns while building, the children had an opportunity to practice matching colored coins to number bubble machine grid to practice placing coins on dots, recognize number on grid and count, we practice patterning by using various size ducks to place on small and large shapes with teacher guidance and Friday, we will continue to practice counting with glow stars on number boards with teacher guidance.

Motor Development

The children used color/shape magnets on cookie sheet boards to name shape/color as they placed on the sheet, we used red play-dough and small cutters to manipulate the dough, roll in hands and pull apart to strengthen use of fingers and hands to make things work, the children used small magnet drawing boards to practice tool handling/grip, make marks/scribbles on board and begin to make shapes[lines/circle], and Friday, we will work with star links to connect and pull apart using hands/fingers/arms.

Sensory Table

Different color water each with colored themed items each day


shape dice

Rainbow Skittle experiment-Friday


Review classroom rules

Friday- Rainbow snack all classrooms

Parachute outside

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