This week was all about colors and shapes! We started our week with blue! For art, we used various cups and lots of blue to trace around the circles. We drank blue milk and played I-Spy a lot! For red day, we drank pink milk and heard the story about Pinkaliscious and how you never want to eat so many pink cupcakes or you will turn red! For green day, we found LOTS of green things outside and made a big ‘G’ and used our small muscles to tear green tissue paper to add to the letter. Yellow day was bright and sunny with our group art of a big sunshine! We drank yellow milk and discussed how we should always be grateful for bright, sunny days. Our last day of the week will be orange! We will eat oranges, and of course, drink orange milk! Our science activities have been using a shape sorter for some of the week and then we switched it out to using colored lenses to see things in a different way. Language activities included using the color words and telling the letters we see. We started the letter of the week! We learned all about the letter ‘A’ and heard a story and song about the letter. We look forward to each letter now and will report in when we are making progress! 

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